In my article “Learning how to sell” I have dealt with some essential factors in sales. In summary, it can be said that all the necessary topics can be learned and everyone, despite experience, can continuously improve. As a result, you can also learn how to sell.

One of these essential elements is to understand the customer. A product function or feature or even a component of your service only offers the customer added value if he has a need for it. Otherwise it is completely irrelevant to him and you cannot use this as a unique selling point and thus not include it in your offer.

Listen and don’t talk

Too often a solution is presented without really knowing the customer’s needs. Therefore, it is essential to proceed step by step and first analyse the customer’s points that are really decisive for him. The advantages of your product or service are never the same for all people, but are always person or company dependent. If it were that simple, all mobile phone owners would have a smart phone of a certain brand and type, but there are differences here as well.

But how do you best find out what is important for the customer and where he has his preferences? The best way is with the question technique of open-ended questions.

Unfortunately, most people make the mistake of talking most of the time. They are so convinced of their products that they fall into a real rush of words. But unfortunately it is the case that during the time you are talking you don’t have the chance to learn something about your customer. You rob yourself of the chance to learn something about your customer, what is important to him and above all why? Which boundary conditions do you have to fulfil in order for him to commission you or buy from you? This and much more information is not available to you. Ask the right questions and practice listening. What is it called so beautifully? The strength lies in the peace and quiet.

Understanding the customer